Get essential tips for buying a home in Amsterdam and successfully navigate the local real estate market.



Buying a house in Amsterdam can be challenging. The competition is fierce because you are not the only one searching for a property. There are many others, and you'll essentially be competing with all potential buyers. So, who comes out on top? The one who is well-prepared and follows these tips for buying a house in Amsterdam. If you want to have a chance in the Amsterdam housing market, our tips on buying a house in Amsterdam will definitely come in handy.

1. Increase Your Chances with a Real Estate Agent

You can improve your chances of buying a house in Amsterdam by enlisting the services of an experienced buyer's agent like Amstelland Makelaars. This immediately gives you an advantage over those who attempt to buy a property in Amsterdam without a real estate agent. There are several benefits to hiring us. You'll have a better chance of a successful purchase because we specialize in Amsterdam properties. We are among the first to know about new property listings in Amsterdam, allowing us to act quickly and arrange viewings for you.

2. Get Financial Advice

Another one of our tips for buying a house in Amsterdam pertains to your financial options. It's crucial to know what you can afford when purchasing a property in Amsterdam. We recommend getting comprehensive financial advice from a mortgage advisor. We have a partnership with a mortgage advisory firm that can provide you with detailed financial guidance, giving you clarity on your budget for buying a property in Amsterdam.

3. Provide a Search Mandate

You don't always have to wait for publicly listed properties to become available. You can also instruct Amstelland Makelaars to search for properties on your behalf. This is another valuable tip for buying a house in Amsterdam. With a search mandate, we proactively search for properties that match your criteria. We provide end-to-end support, including accompanying you to viewings and negotiating on your behalf.

4. Consider the Likability Factor

One of the tips for buying a house in Amsterdam relates to the likability factor. In cases where bids are similar, the likability of the buyer can play a role. When selling a house, sellers often prefer dealing with someone who comes across as friendly and genuinely interested.

5. Make a Strong Initial Offer

Sometimes, to stand a chance in a competitive Amsterdam housing market, you may need to take a different approach. For instance, if you find your dream home and there are multiple competing offers, you can consider making a "knock-out" offer. This means making an attractive offer (either by yourself or through us) and attaching a time limit to it, such as 24 hours. This gives the seller immediate certainty, increasing your chances of success.

6. Be Flexible with the Completion Date

In a competitive buyer's market, sellers aren't solely focused on the price. They may also consider other factors. Are you willing to be flexible with the completion date of the property in Amsterdam? Being open to the seller's preferred completion date can work to your advantage.

7. Remove Financing Conditions for Certainty

Another important aspect is the financing condition, which is a common clause in purchase agreements allowing the buyer to withdraw if financing isn't secured. It can be advantageous for you to remove this condition from the preliminary contract if you have financial certainty.

8. Adjust Your Housing Preferences

Have you been searching for your ideal home in Amsterdam for a long time without success? It might be worthwhile to adjust your housing preferences. For example, if you've been specifically looking for homes near schools because you have children, consider if it's essential for the school to be nearby or if you could accept a longer commute if you find your dream home. This way, you can broaden your search criteria and increase your chances of finding a suitable property in Amsterdam.

9. Stay Positive

Our advice isn't just practical; it's emotional as well. Facing repeated disappointments can be emotionally taxing. Therefore, our recommendation is to stay positive. You will eventually find a suitable home in Amsterdam, and we at Amstelland Makelaars are here to assist you in your search.

10. Contact Amstelland Makelaars

The final of the ten tips for buying a house in Amsterdam circles back to the first tip. We encourage you to get in touch with us if you're planning to buy a property in Amsterdam. We provide personalized guidance throughout your search for the ideal Amsterdam home, striving to negotiate the best purchase price with favorable terms."






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