What sets us apart from others?

Discover why we are the new construction realtor for real estate developers and managers looking for a distinctive approach to renting or selling new construction projects in Amsterdam. Below we present some unique aspects of our service that set us apart from other new construction realtors.

What sets us apart from others?
  • Our Ambition: Since 2005, Amstelland Realtors has been a renowned real estate office operating in the Greater Amsterdam region from the heart of Amsterdam. Our ambition is to become the most successful real estate office in the region when it comes to selling and/or renting new construction in Amsterdam and block sales.
  • Our Network: We are an established name in the Amsterdam real estate industry with a large network inside and outside Amsterdam among realtors and other real estate professionals.
  • Our Expertise: Our internal and external service is experienced and knowledgeable, closely following developments in the housing market and responding to current trends.
  • Expats: Active in renting homes in the higher segment, giving our office a good reputation among expats. New constructions in Amsterdam are increasingly being sold to expats, and they feel comfortable purchasing a new construction home from our office.
  • Our Location: Amstelland Realtors has a beautiful reception location, centrally located in the city near Utrechtsestraat, Vijzelgracht, and Stadhouderskade. This means we know the city like the back of our hand and are also easily accessible by car and public transport.
  • Innovation: Our office uses the leading WoningDossier software from OSRE, enabling us to meet your needs in terms of speed, safety, and efficiency in the sales process combined with reducing sales costs. Optimal collaboration between the developer, the realtor, and the buyer or tenant.

  • Member of VBO: We are proud members of VBO; the most ambitious and committed trade association in the Netherlands that advocates for optimal expertise of its members, integrity, and market stability. In addition, VBO Makelaar closely follows innovation and does not rest on past status and results, but focuses on the future.
  • Collaboration with Independent Mortgage Advisory Office: Amstelland Realtors has a close collaboration with De Kredieter, an independent mortgage advisory office located in the World Trade Center in Amsterdam South. Our staff are well informed about financing options and developments in the mortgage market for new construction in Amsterdam.
  • We Ensure the Best Presentations of Homes: Thanks to close collaboration with, among others, Zien24 and Woning Media, we guarantee an optimal online presentation of a new construction home in Amsterdam, making use of photography, panorama photos (360-degree images), videos, 2-D and 3-D impressions, and of course floor plans.
  • We Provide the Complete Picture: Our realtors like to think ‘outside the box’ when it comes to topics such as making new construction in Amsterdam ready for sale or rent, determining the most marketable layout and finish, and of course decorating and styling a home for sale and rent.


Reference from Patrizia

"Pieter and his team have rented approximately 150 new-build apartments in Nieuw-West in 2021/2022, in collaboration with a second rental agent.

We experienced Amstelland real estate agents as driven and enterprising. Pieter is quick on the ball and thinks along (e.g. to rent out homes to a healthcare company).

The collaboration between the two real estate agents also went well, resulting in a housing complex that was fully rented upon completion with a smooth rental process and good screening of the candidates."


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