An overview of the costs associated with selling a house.

There are various costs involved when you're planning to sell your house. The most well-known costs, unless you decide to handle the entire sale yourself, are the real estate agent's fees. However, for a quick sale, it's advisable to outsource the selling process, which also takes all the burden off your hands.

In addition to the real estate agent's fees, there are several other costs to consider. These may include expenses for obtaining an energy label if one is not already in place, as well as notary fees. You should also take into account the costs of optimizing your property to achieve the highest possible price. Finally, selling a house may also involve costs related to releasing an existing mortgage.

Real Estate Agent's Fees for Selling Your Home

If you use the services of a real estate agent, such as Amstelland Makelaars, there are costs associated with selling your home. These costs are in the form of a commission based on a percentage of the selling price of your home. We offer competitive commissions and provide a customized quote.

Comprehensive Services

When you work with us, the cost of selling your home includes outstanding services. In consultation with you, we determine the asking price for your home and develop a sales strategy. We ensure a perfect presentation with professional photos and videos. We also ensure that your property is listed on popular platforms such as Funda, Huislijn, and Jaap. Our real estate office is located on Prinsengracht in Amsterdam, and we showcase your property prominently in our shop window.

Energy Label for Energy Efficiency Information

It is mandatory to have an energy label when selling your home. The aim of the energy label includes encouraging homeowners to implement energy-saving measures. It also serves as a means to provide information about energy efficiency. With an energy label, potential buyers gain insight into your property's energy efficiency.

Costs of Obtaining an Energy Label

Every home was assigned a provisional energy label in 2015, but you need to make it final when selling your home. This comes at a cost because you need to hire a certified professional to finalize the energy label. The cost typically ranges from a few hundred euros. The price may vary depending on the expert, as well as the size and type of your home. The costs are determined in advance, and the professional cannot charge additional fees after providing the energy label.

Notary Costs in Specific Situations

As a rule, the buyer pays the notary fees when transferring a home. However, there are exceptions where the seller pays the notary's transfer fees instead of the buyer. For example, if you wish to choose a specific notary, you can offer to cover the notary costs for the buyer. Normally, it is the buyer who chooses the notary, and you can cover the notary costs if you prefer a specific notary. This situation can occur when the property being sold is part of an inheritance.

Preparing Your Home for Sale

We have the expertise to ensure the successful sale of your home, which includes specific advice on preparing your home for sale. This might include making minor adjustments, such as addressing any overdue maintenance or temporarily placing furniture if the property is vacant. The cost of preparing your home for sale varies accordingly.

Small or Major Adjustments

A small adjustment may not cost much but can lead to a quicker sale. For example, repainting walls in a neutral light color can make a significant difference. There are also larger adjustments that may involve structural work, resulting in a significant increase in the property's value. We are more than willing to discuss these options with you if you choose to use our real estate services. Additionally, we provide advice on optimizing the interior presentation without incurring additional costs, such as the importance of having a clean and uncluttered home for photos and videos.

Releasing Your Mortgage

If there is an existing mortgage on your property, the registration at the Land Registry (Kadaster) needs to be canceled upon selling the home. This process is called "royering" in Dutch. You cannot personally cancel the mortgage registration; a notary must be engaged to draw up an act of cancellation (akte van royement). The notary submits the act of cancellation to the Land Registry, which results in the removal of the mortgage registration and the corresponding mortgage deed.

Costs of the Act of Cancellation

The costs for the cancellation of the mortgage by a notary vary and depend on which notary you choose. On average, the cost of drawing up an act of cancellation ranges between €100 and €500. The variation in costs is due to the freedom notaries have to determine their own fee.

Deductible Costs When Selling a Property

While there are numerous costs that are tax-deductible when buying a property, what about when selling a house? Unfortunately, the costs associated with selling a home are generally not tax-deductible. However, there is an exception to this rule. The costs related to drawing up an act of cancellation to release a mortgage are tax-deductible. If a penalty interest applies as part of the mortgage release, these costs may also be eligible for tax deduction.

Would you like to successfully sell your property in Amsterdam or the surrounding area at a low cost? Contact Amstelland Makelaars today, and we would be happy to arrange an appointment.






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