Learn all about the costs involved in home appraisal and discover the factors that influence these costs.

Home Appraisal Costs: This is How It Works

There are various reasons to have a home appraised, such as applying for a mortgage or estimating a fair selling price for the property. In this regard, both buyers and sellers have options to have a home appraisal conducted. The costs of appraising a home depend on various factors. Here, you'll discover how home appraisal costs work.

Home Appraisal Costs: Calculation Method

The costs of appraising a home vary and depend, among other things, on the calculation method used. For example, some appraisers may work on a fixed fee basis, while others determine the home appraisal costs based on a percentage.

The appraisal value determines the final appraisal costs. The percentage varies by appraiser and typically ranges from 0.17% to 0.2%. Additionally, it's important to note that there may be extra costs involved. Therefore, it's crucial to get clarity on the rates related to home appraisal costs upfront because there are no fixed rates for appraisers.

Home Appraisal Costs: What You're Paying For

It's helpful to know what you're paying for when having a home appraised. There are several standard fees that apply. First, you'll pay the appraiser's fee, which can be either a percentage or a fixed fee, including or excluding other costs.

In addition, you'll incur land registry costs and municipal fees. The amount of municipal fees varies by municipality but is generally not more than €72. Furthermore, you'll receive a NWWI (Dutch Valuation Institute) validated report from the appraiser, which also incurs costs. You will also pay VAT (Value Added Tax) on the total price.

= Appraiser's Fee
= Land Registry Costs
= Municipal Fees
= NWWI Validated Report

What's the Average Cost of an Appraisal?

So, there are different factors that influence home appraisal costs, and there's no concrete insight into the actual costs. It varies from situation to situation, but there is an average estimate. When getting a home appraisal, you can expect costs to range from €450 to €650 on average.

Tax Deductibility of Home Appraisal Costs

The costs of home appraisal fall under tax regulations, and it's possible to deduct them from your income. There's a tax benefit associated with having a home appraisal conducted. The costs are deductible from the income falling under Box 1, which results in a tax advantage. Your income decreases, so you pay less income tax.

What Does the Appraiser Look at?

During the visit to the home or apartment, the appraiser examines various characteristics. For example, they assess the location of the house as well as the total living area. These are two important factors in determining the value of a home. Additionally, the year of construction, the condition of the property, and maintenance also play a role. The functional layout is considered, as well as the current market situation and the energy label. The appraiser also uses cadastral data and drawings of the property.

Furthermore, the appraiser needs the property's ownership certificate when determining its value. It's important to note that the appraiser does not assess the structural condition of the property. This is a separate aspect that falls outside the scope of home appraisal costs. Therefore, it's essential to determine if a structural inspection is also needed, especially for older homes, to ensure the property's condition.

NWWI Appraisal Mandatory for NHG Mortgage

An NWWI appraisal report is mandatory for an NHG (National Mortgage Guarantee) mortgage, but even without NHG, most mortgage lenders often require an NWWI appraisal report. NWWI stands for the Dutch Valuation Institute and is responsible for reviewing property appraisal reports from affiliated appraisers. There is supervision to ensure a uniform appraisal process based on clear guidelines. This way, every party, from consumers to banks, can be assured of a reliable property appraisal. The cost of this process minimally affects home appraisal costs and is often already included in the fee.

Validating an Appraisal

An appraisal report is primarily an administrative requirement for a mortgage, for example, concerning feasibility and acceptance of the mortgage loan. It provides a concrete justification for the appraisal value.

Requesting an Appraisal Through a Realtor

One of the convenient ways to request an appraisal is by engaging Amstelland Makelaars. This can be done to determine the realistic value of real estate or when applying for a mortgage, among other reasons. There are various reasons to request an appraisal, including in cases of divorce or when inheriting a property.

If you want to have a home appraised, please contact Amstelland Makelaars. We are happy to provide you with more information and are transparent regarding home appraisal costs. We also offer other services to assist you comprehensively. We collaborate with a reputable insurance intermediary and mortgage advisory office, among other partners. If you need an energy label for your property, please contact Amstelland Makelaars to have it prepared by a certified advisor.






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