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When living abroad, or if you simply want to make it yourself as easy as possible, renting out your house while outsourcing property management is the ideal solution. Our skilled and experienced property managers take care of all financial and technical aspects for you. This way you achieve the best return o, while you have nothing to worry about.


Why outsource property management

Technical defects, overdue maintenance, lost income because of vacancy of your property, and possibly even tenants not paying rent. There is a lot to consider when renting out your home. By outsourcing property management, your worries are reduced to a minimum. Our team maintains continuous communication with the tenant, acts as the point of contact when any problems occur, and handles possible complaints. We make sure everything is taken care of; quickly and diligently.


Our offerings

We offer various services for property management.

  • Financial management: this includes handling the rent payments of the tenant, actively monitoring your returns, sending reminders, and actively combating arrears and non-payments.
  • Rental administration & reporting: this includes, among other things, an overview of all rental income and costs per tenant and management of all contracts. We’re also the point of contact for tenants. We solve any occurring problem or complaint, and of course, thoroughly report any costs for repairs.
  • Technical management & maintenance: we have partnerships with renowned maintenance and repair companies and can completely take care of renovation work, big or small. We have extensive experience and knowledge in this area, from the design to the final check.


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